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1). Where can you check out (borrow) items from the UTEP Library?

2). What do you need to check out items from the UTEP Library? [mark all that apply]

3). How many books can an undergraduate student check out at one time?

4). To search for (books, e-books, videos, or microforms available at or through the UTEP Library, you would conduct a search using which of these tools?

5). Once you find a book in the library catalog, what information do you need to locate it in the library building?

6). How can subject headings help you when you are searching?

7). Which of the following searches is most likely to give you results that are more closely related to the subject you are researching?

8). If you are off-campus and trying to access the library's electronic resources (i.e. e-books, databases) which of these might you be asked for? [mark all that apply]

9). If the UTEP Library does not own a book you would like to use, or have access to an article you need, what is the easiest way to get it from another library?

10). If you have questions about the library or services provided who would you contact? [mark all that apply]