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1). Where can you search to find journal articles on your topic? [mark all that apply]

2). Which of the following can help you choose the best database for your search if you don't already know which one you should use? [mark all that apply]

3). When conducting searches in a database, it is recommended that you:

4). Which of the following is a library resource you can use to start developing ideas for a paper/project/assignment?

5). What does the Boolean operator AND do to your search results? [mark all that apply]

6). In which type of publication can articles that are short, have no credited authors, and are written to entertain a reader can be found?

7). If the full text (PDF) of an article is not available in the database you are searching, which of the following actions can help you get the full text?

8). Which of the following do scholarly articles normally have? [mark all that apply]

9). If you were trying to decide which database to use to find sources for a research paper on bilingual education, which database subject category should you browse first?

10). Which tool should you use to find a specific article you have a citation for by searching the journal title (not the article's title)?